Are you dealing with a cracked or fractured tooth? There’s an opportunity to restore it through dental crown placement, one of the most effective treatments for repairing cracked teeth and shielding them from additional damage. This method provides numerous benefits, which we’ll detail below.  Additionally, we’ll cover all the essential information you should consider before making the choice to install a dental crown.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are protective covers placed over damaged teeth. They serve to reshape and resize broken or decayed teeth, thereby enhancing their function.

How Do You Choose the Right Dental Crown?

There are different kinds of tooth caps, called crowns. The dentist picks the right one for you based on where the tooth is and what color it should be. Some common types are:

  • Metal crowns
  • Zirconia crowns
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Gold crowns
  • Resin crowns

How are dental crowns installed?

Dental crown installation typically takes two sessions, with the procedure as follows:

First Visit:

This is the first stage, in which teeth are examined and prepared for crown installation. It includes several subsequent steps, such as:

  • X-rays are used to examine the teeth that will receive crowns.
  • Root canal treatment before crown installation if there’s deep tooth decay or other issues requiring nerve treatment.
  • Making impressions of the teeth to be covered by the crown. 
  • Selecting a crown color that matches the natural teeth.
  • These impressions will be sent to the laboratory for crown fabrication.
  • Applying a temporary crown to the prepared tooth.

Second Visit:

After the crowns are fabricated based on the sent impressions, a second appointment is scheduled for crown installation, which includes:

  • Removal of the temporary crown.
  • Examine the crown’s fit and ensure it matches the natural tooth color.
  • Cementing the crown into place and smoothing any protrusions.

Tips for Maintaining Dental Crowns

Patients should follow a few tips to keep their dental crowns in good condition for an extended period of time. Some key tips provided by Guarantee Dental Clinics include:

  • Use toothpaste to clean your teeth every day.
  • Using dental floss to thoroughly clean between the teeth.
  • Avoid hard and sticky foods.
  • Regular dental examinations to monitor the condition.
  • Quitting smoking and drinking.
  • Avoiding drinks that cause tooth discoloration.

Advantages of Dental Crown

You can enjoy numerous benefits with dental crown installation, including:

  • Preventing weak teeth from breaking.
  • Repairing damaged teeth.
  • Closing large gaps between teeth.
  • Covering up dental flaws.
  • Teeth are covered with large fillings.
  • Restore tooth function.
  • Developing an attractive appearance and a perfect smile.

Cost of Dental Crown Installation

The cost of dental crown installation varies depending on several factors. There is no fixed price for it, and factors include:

  • Quality of materials used in crown fabrication.
  • The quality of medical equipment and techniques.
  • The quality of service provided by the dentist and their staff.
  • The preparations that the patient undergoes before installing a dental crown.
  • Dentist’s expertise and academic degree.
  • Experience of the service-providing center.

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