It is common for many people to suffer from the problem of bone loss, which occurs as a result of many factors, including diseases that arise due to old age, such as osteoporosis, and other factors. This condition is treated with jaw bone grafting, a procedure that involves removing bone from other parts of the body, such as the legs and arms, and placing it on the gums to aid in the formation of new bone. In the following sections, we will learn about jaw bone grafting in detail, including who the candidates are, how it is performed, and other details.

What is jaw bone grafting?

It is a procedure in which bone tissue is planted and rebuilt for people who are unable to receive jaw or tooth implants due to bone thinness, osteoporosis, or other factors that will be discussed in the following lines.

What are the reasons for jaw bone graft surgery?

Jaw bone grafting surgery replaces the damaged part of the jaw bone, which occurs as a result of several factors, including:

  • Aging.
  • Upper or lower jaw atrophy.
  • Severe vitamin D deficiency.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Rheumatic diseases.

Jaw bone grafting success rate

The success rate of jaw bone grafting surgery depends on several factors, including:

  • The patient’s health status.
  • The surgeon’s skills.
  • The quality of the materials used.

The success rate of jaw bone grafting surgery is generally high, ranging from 85% to 95%.

Jaw bone grafting steps

The jaw bone grafting procedure varies from person to person depending on their condition and the type of grafting performed, but here are some basic steps that are performed when grafting the jaw bone, including:

  • Examining the jaw bone structure through imaging and 3D X-rays.
  • Accurately measuring the dimensions of the current jaw bone.
  • Local anesthesia for the patient.
  • Then the doctor makes a small incision in the gum.
  • Then the doctor places a special jaw bone grafting material in the affected area or fixes the bone blocks (extracted from the patient’s body).
  • Apply a protective membrane to the previously placed material.
  • Finally, the gum is closed with surgical sutures.

After jaw bone grafting

The Guarantee Dental Team provides some tips that the patient must follow in order to avoid any complications. Some of the most important of these tips are:

  • Apply ice packs to reduce swelling in the first two days after jaw bone grafting; to avoid swelling.
  • Avoid eating solid foods in the first days after jaw bone grafting and eat soft foods.
  • Be sure to raise your head when sleeping for the first 48 hours after the procedure.
  • Stay away from hot beverages.
  • Avoid doing heavy work, as it puts the wound at risk.

What are the advantages of dental bone grafts?

When grafting the jaw bone, you can get many benefits, the most common of which are:

  • Restoring jaw function.
  • Improving gum and oral health.
  • Prevent tooth loss.
  • Success of dental implant surgery.
  • Improve the overall appearance of the mouth.

Jaw bone grafting costs in Egypt

The cost of jaw bone grafting in Egypt can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • The patient’s condition and the level of treatment required. 
  • The quality of the medical techniques used in jaw bone grafting.
  • The specialist doctor’s experience and scientific qualifications.
  • Type of implant.
  • The number of required sessions.
  • The quality of service provided to the patient.

Best Jaw Bone Grafting Center

Guarantee Dental is one of the best clinics that provides jaw bone grafting services in Egypt. This is because:

  • It has a professional and highly trained medical team that performs jaw bone grafting.
  • It uses the most recent methods and tools for jaw grafting and adheres to the most recent techniques used in this procedure.
  • Regular patient follow-up.
  • Providing the patient with the highest quality medical care both before and after the procedure.

To book at Guarantee Dental, and for more information, contact us through the text messaging service on our website, and our medical team will respond directly.